savitas Service Plans

Service Plans are the best choice for anyone who has a predictable need for support. We have various service plans designed for different types of systems and are confident we have a plan that fits your needs.

Service plans offer the most predictable expenses, and consistent service levels.

Our service plans provide many benefits that all translate into more productive time using your computer.

The computer system is a tool to assist you with your job, it needs to operate reliably. Our service plans make this possible.

Here is a listing of our current service plans.

•Home Computer - For your home computer(s)

•SOHO - Plans designed for Small office home office environments

•SOHO Plus - Our SOHO plan with enhanced features

•Monitoring Only - Allows us to keep track of your systems for analysis when a problem occurs

•Bronze - Our entry level service plan for offices with a server

•Silver - Enhanced features in addition to all features in the bronze plan

•Gold - Advanced features for offices with a server or more than one server

•CIO - Our premier service plan, for offices that have a mission critical information system and multiple specialized line of business applications

All service plans include the following features

Remote Monitoring and Alerting - We monitor and respond to alerts generated on your systems

Windows Critical Updates

We make sure your machines all have the most up-to-date windows critical updates

Virus Activity & Virus Definitions Updates We make sure your anti-virus program and definition files are up to date

Monthly Monitoring Reports Monthly reports with a snapshot of critical system measurements such as hard drive space, processor and memory usage, Internet connection uptime, plus more

Remote Control and Troubleshooting Capability We can remotely connect to your machine and shadow you in real time, enabling us to identify and resolve issues faster than an on-site visit

Help Desk Services We are here to help you with your computer problems, the help desk coordinates all services

System Optimization Utilities We automatically run optimization utilities on your system to keep it operating at peak performance.

Service Level Agreements With Savitas service contracts, you know you will guaranteed a response within the time specified on your service contract. Timely and reliable.

E-mail Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Monitoring/Management We help manage and protect you from viruses and spam in your email

Hourly Rate Discounts A discount on our standard hourly rate for any work not covered under the service contract.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Quarterly We send you a survey to help us improve our relationship with you and see how we can serve you better

Contact Savitas today to discuss your service plan needs.