Consulting Services

Sometimes your technology for your business are hard to understand and/or are confusing, and need to be clarified, or you have a project that needs some additional or deeper skills. Our consulting services are great for this type of situation. These services use our business analysts to engage the client in discussions relevant to their particular needs. From these consulting discussions, where Savitas brings to bear our vast experience, potential solutions are typically identified and can be organized for return on investment analysis. Depending on the solution that is chosen, Savitas has resources to complete the project.

An example of this situation is when a company needs to analyze some options and needs an expert opinion and guidance. Typically the factors are known that needs to be addressed, and options have been identified. Exploring the options is where Savitas consulting services are a perfect fit. The results of the analysis may lead to different paths, and this consulting approach helps to select the best path.

A project that fits this bill might be when a company decides to look in to some strategic options to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, or better serve their customers. One project that might be identified is a paperless office solution. Savitas can help with the ROI analysis, and if the project is selected for execution, Savitas can leverage our document management expertise to implement the best solution possible.

Savitas has two types of consulting services

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting services are meant to provide guidance and advice to the organization on Strategy and Policy, IT Governance, Compliance and other critical or advanced business needs. Typically this consulting service helps to identify a strategy that incorporates all of the relevant factors that need to be considered, and from this analysis a strategic plan is developed. Savitas can help with these strategic services, and then once the implementation begins, our tactical consulting may be used to cross items off the project milestone list with speed and veracity.

A key part of this strategic to tactical transition is the identification of a master schedule for projects and individual project plans.

An example of this consulting service would be when a significant change is happening to a business, opening, expanding, divesting. All of these circumstances typically require good strategic planning and corresponding execution. The strategy for this would begin with the goals of the business, and a discussion of how technology can be used strategically to differentiate from competitors. A list of opportunities is developed, analyzed, and ranked. From that process we can determine what technology opportunities have the best expectedreturn on investment (ROI), and a short list is prepared along with an execution plan that meets the clients budget and schedule.

Tactical Consulting

Tactical Consultingservices are the execution of the individual parts of the strategic plan.

Savitas can function as a tactical partner, to execute tactical objectives. These services a specifically focused on a specific part of a larger project plan. Multiple tactical services may be used in the course of a strategic plan execution.

Specific examples of tactical consulting might be:

Internet Connection for a Remote or New Office
Savitas can work with all required parties to make sure this project is completed on time and budget. Savitas can also offer monitoring services to make sure maximum Internet uptime is achieved.
SQL Server Performance Analysis and Tuning
SQL Server needs to be installed in a properly designed and configured system, and once installed it needs to be maintained correctly. If one of these parts is not done, or not done correctly, problems are likely to happen. Savitas would be tasked with analyzing the SQL server in terms of performance, capacity and compliance if needed, and from that analysis would produce a report detailing area that are OK and areas that need improvement.
SQL Server Disaster Recovery
SQL Server needs to be installed and configured correctly to ensure maximum uptime, and also needs to have a backup and recovery plan that identifies Restore Point Objectives (RPO) and Restore Time Objectives (RTO). If SQL server is not setup and maintained correctly a situation can happen where you end up with an unusable database, and no restorable backup. Savitas has expertise in working with fragments of SQL server and through specialized techniques and procedures can most likely recover a working database again.
Cloud Systems Migration
Many businesses are harnessing the power of the cloud, and moving their servers to the cloud. Savitas has expertise in performing the systems analysis for your current systems, and architecting a solution that uses the cloud. Typically cloud solutions fit in to our strategic consulting, as the industry trend overall is to move to cloud computing, or a hybrid cloud environment. Savitas can move your systems from your local machines, to the cloud. Many times these migrations unlock new capabilities for a business to access and use their information in ways they previously cloud not, such as when you move your documents to the cloud with a workflow solution. Now, your work is accessible to any employee, any time, a powerful capability for your business

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